All Through the Night (Ar Hyd y Nos)

As we progress through this month of December (and a snowy one at that,) It's my pleasure to continue with this series of holiday piano music. Today's selection may be known to some of you as All through the Night, or to others by its traditional Welsh title, Ar Hyd y Nos. Here are the traditional English lyrics:

Sleep my child and peace attend thee, allthrough the night
Guardian angels God will send thee, all through the night
Soft the drowsy hours are creeping
Hill and vale in slumber sleeping
I my loving vigil keeping, all through the night.

I would love to hear the Welsh lyrics sung correctly sometime. Here they are, but I have no idea how to pronounce it, let along sing it:

Holl amrantau'r sêr ddywedant, ar hyd y nos
Dyma'r ffordd i fro gogoniant, ar hyd y nos
Golau arall yw tywyllwch
I arddangos gwir brydferthwch
Teulu'r nefoedd mewn tawelwch, ar hyd y nos.

Perhaps someone who knows the Welsh version could record it and send me a link sometime.

I'm not certain why this song is associated with the holidays. The lyrics, "I my loving vigil keeping, all through the night," communicates to the sleepy child that the loving parent is ever present and very near. Likewise, Christmas is the time when we pause to contemplate Emmanuel, the presence of God himself in a human baby. Like the parent, loving vigil keeping, he is never far from any one of us.

I hope that you will feel the Father's presence as you navigate the path set before you this holiday season. Merry Christmas.

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At 11:24 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joel - Thank you, again! I just listened to your latest: All Through the Night (Ar Hyd y Nos) - once again - your music speaks to the heart. Your music is a gift. Merry Christmas!

At 1:55 PM , Anonymous Trisha Laich (Rigney) said...

Joel... I stumbled upon your blog from Steve's blog... This is one of my favorite songs, and came at a time in which I needed it. The music speaks to my heart and soul, reminding me, that no matter what troubles I may have, He is always watching over me. That there is no need for me to go to sleep worrying, for there He always will be, worrying for me.

At 4:25 AM , Blogger landsker said...

Hi Joel.
Borre da!
Croeso ap Cymru.
The song "Ar hyd y nos" can now be found on youtube, under just that title,by Meinir Gwilym & Anwen Jones.


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