Blogging and the Stock Market

Like the stock market, the subscriber count (the number of people who receive automatic updates via iTunes, BlogLines, iPodder, My Yahoo, MSN, etc.) rises and falls. Recently, the PBJ count peaked at just over 200 subscribers (thanks, everyone !) You can see the current number of subscribers by viewing the green "feedburner" chiclet to the right. This number will vary widely, depending on how many readers receive updates on a given day. For example, on weekends, a lot of people turn off their computers, so the number of subscribers drops.

If you like Piano by Joel, you can help spread the word in a few ways:

  • Add a link to your site or blog. On the web, the major indicator of the relevance of a blog is the number of sites linking to it. If you'd like, feel free to use the Piano by Joel button or the Headline Animator. For a fun example of this, check out this blog's listing in BlogShares, a site where blog "shares" are "traded" like stocks. The number of incoming links contributes to that blog's value!
  • Vote for Piano by Joel (and/or write comments) each month on Podcast Alley. This site seems to have become the de-facto podcast rating site. Just a few people voting in a month can cause a blog to skyrocket in the rankings. For example, just three November votes raised this podcast to #821 out of more than 10,000 podcasts!
  • Subscribe to this blog. The number of subscribers is another important indicator of blog/podcast relevance. Check out the Feedburner Top 40 at PodNova as an example.

Thanks for checking in today! I appreciate the time each of you spend to read, listen, and participate. Time to go play the piano...


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