Piano by Joel: The Map

When I was a kid, I thought the missionary map at church was pretty cool. Prayer cards were displayed along the sides, with yarn connecting the card to a pushpin somewhere on the map. I remember making one of my own as a kid.

Thanks to a friend of mine, I just discovered Frappr, and can experience the pushpin map anew. This site brings different groups of people together and places them on a world map. That means you can see how far your graduating class or knitting circle has spread around the world, send a shout out to everyone, post a picture, etc. I created a few maps this evening, one of which is a map of Piano by Joel listeners:


As of now, I'm the only listener on the map (good thing I enjoy my own company!) If you'd like to view the map or even put yourself on it, be my guest! Just click on the link above. I look forward to taking this little world tour with you.


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