In the Garden: By Request

Once again we take the piano outside (minus rain, see this post) for an original rendition of the classic, In the Garden by Charles Austin Miles (1868-1946.) The sound effects remind me of the trip I took to the local nature center this weekend (minus piano.) Listen carefully for the wind chimes.

Thank you again for posting comments. I really want this to be an interactive experience, so I am always happy to hear from listeners.

The bird songs are by Peter Barker, and the wind chimes are by mRk. You can find free sound effects at flashkit.com.

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At 3:47 PM , Blogger Joel Rosenberger said...

Ok, I got a suggestion for less birds in the middle. I actually fade the birds out quite a bit in the center, but maybe I'll try gradually fading to nothing, then fade back in toward the end. Although my goal is to suggest a garden setting, I don't want it to detract from any part of the piece.
I'll experiment. If I like what I hear, I'll republish it under a new post. (Try that with an album!)


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