In the Garden (Remix, without ambient sounds)

Today's song is a remix of a previous track, In the Garden, which featured background sounds such as birds and wind chimes. This time, we take the piano inside for a little peace and quiet.

When it comes to sound effects, I have received listener comments both ways... some like the sounds, while others prefer the pure, unadulterated sounds of the piano. Since this is, after all, an interactive forum, and not an album whose content is predetermined by big media executives, I'll be happy to remix a few of my past songs, and post versions that do not contain sound FX.

I do like to experiment, so you will continue to hear tracks that contain different sounds and instrumentation, but you can always count on plenty of fresh piano music tracks as well. Thank you everyone for listening, putting up with my less inspiring creations(!), and interacting.

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At 8:29 AM , Anonymous Shelba said...

I really enjoyed the version with the background sound. It was you were giving an outside concert or playing with all of the windows open. I thought it really added to the enjoyment.


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