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I was happy to hear from a few listeners who are also musicians! If you have some of your own music online, please post a comment or send me an e-mail (check my profile for my latest e-mail address.) I would like to hear your work.

If you have a moment, and enjoy Piano by Joel, I'd appreciate it if you would vote and leave a comment on PodcastAlley, one of the podcast directories out there:


I'm currently working on the piano score for Be Thou my Vision. I'll post it when it's complete. I'm also considering a couple other projects, but nothing solid yet. My main goal is to keep releasing an original arrangement each week, so stay tuned.

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At 10:34 AM , Anonymous Paul Cantrell said...

Hi Joel! I've got a piano blog, too:


Glad to see other pianists sharing their work online!

At 6:56 PM , Blogger Joel Rosenberger said...

I'm actually already an ITH subscriber, Paul. Great stuff!


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