Face to Face with Christ My Savior (By Request)

Here's a new one for you... a gentle improvisation on the old 1898 hymn melody from by Grant Tullar (1869-1950) with words by Carrie Breck (1855-1934.)

Face to face I shall behold Him
Far beyond the starry sky
Face to face in all His glory
I shall see Him by and by

Thanks for listening! And if you have a moment, please pray for continued creativity as I improvise and arrange music. Enjoy the piece.

Click Here to Listen/Download


At 5:58 AM , Blogger Joshua said...

Hi Joel, I've been richly blessed by this arrangement of "Face to Face with Christ my Savior." Thank you so much for making that possible! Would it be possible for you to share with me the sheetmusic of this arrangement?

May God continue to bless you abundantly!



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