Fresh Piano in the Top 100 on the ReverbNation.com Folk Chart

I noticed it this morning... your Fresh Pianist is in the top 100 on the ReverbNation.com folk chart, out of over 4000 artists. Since these things tend to be fleeting, I wanted to share it and enjoy it while I can:

The ReverbNation.com charts are based on the "relative value of [the artist's] aggregate fan relationships at any given point in time." So in one sense, it's a measure of how great my listeners are, and I appreciate your support since 2005. You can continue to help by listening and sharing the music.

ReverbNation is not a Christian site. They provide management and promotional tools to all kinds of bands, playing all kinds of music. Admittedly, yes, moving up a chart feels good, kind of like winning at a game of Scrabble. But it's also nice to see quiet, instrumental piano hymns up there, shining like a lighthouse. Score one for sleepy music. At least while it lasts.

You can see my ReverbNation.com profile here:

I'll end this post the same way I end my e-mails. All glory to God, -Joel


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