O Come Emmanuel (Orchestral Mix)

First of all, let me wish a Merry Christmas and a warm season's greetings to everyone. Now, on to my Christmas gift for you.

This arrangement of O Come Emmanuel is more sophisticated than my usual offerings, with both symphonic and atmospheric qualities influenced by some of the great film score composers. This rendition features ancient instruments such as the filimbi, duduk, oud, cornu, kantele, ram's horn (suggestive of the shofar), and percussion, as well as a modern string section, choir and solo cello. There's a lot of variety, and things keep changing musically as the piece moves forward. For you gearheads, I mixed my music with Ableton Live 6 (it's not just for hip-hop and electronica anymore!) coupled with GigaStudio.

Download and Enjoy! Merry Christmas.

Click Here to Listen


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